Spin Off Call for Submissions: Summer 2020

Write for the Long Thread issue!

Kate Larson Sep 4, 2019 - 2 min read

Spin Off Call for Submissions: Summer 2020 Primary Image

Logwood-dyed linen fabric that Kate is stitching with handspun cotton also dyed in logwood. Photo by Kate Larson

Spin Off Summer 2020: The Long Thread Issue

What’s the story behind the yarn you're spinning right now?

Throughout more than four decades of publication, Spin Off has sought to explore the long threads of textile history past and present: from fiber-producing plants and animals to textile tools, spinning techniques to natural (and not-so-natural) dyes. SOsum20-subcall-2

Textile history is fraught with forbidden colors, illegal sheep, and sometimes, the prohibition of spinning itself. How do you connect to these long threads? What informs your work and carries our community into the future? SOsum20-subcall-3

In the Summer 2020 issue of Spin Off, we want you to tell us about the textile traditions that you can’t let go of; the back-issue spinning article that sent you on a new tangent; the cloth fragment that connected you to spinners of the past; or the technique you adapted for modern fibers, textures, and tools. Are you crocheting with unexpected yarns or exploring ancient breeds of sheep by spinning their fleeces today? We want to share the stories of our handspinning community, connecting us to the vibrant, fiber-filled future ahead!


We are looking for:

  • Feature articles—stories, profiles, history.
  • Handspun projects—instructions using knitting, weaving, crochet, or other techniques with handspun yarn.
  • How-to articles—tell us how it is done.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Submissions due: October 1, 2019.

We will notify you of our decision by October 21, 2019.

Articles and projects due: November 20, 2019.

Kate Larson is the editor of Spin Off and spends as many hours as life allows in the barn with her beloved flock of Border Leicesters.