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The Study in Pink Scarf

Make your own avocado-dyed, ikat-style scarf—no complex treadling or weaving patterns required. Based on traditional ikat resist-dyeing techniques, a modern, geometric design gets revealed in this soft and striking scarf.

Rachel Simmons Jun 11, 2021 - 7 min read

The Study in Pink Scarf Primary Image

In the Spring 2020 issue of Spin Off, Rachel shared her dyeing experiments with the humble avocado and her pattern for an ikat-style scarf. Photo by George Boe

Ikat weaving is a stunning form of fiber art. The beautiful patterns created on traditional ikat weavings are not a result of fancy treadling or clever tapestry work but are built into the yarn itself through resist dyeing. As a spinner, it is exciting to create yarn that can be used to develop these designs. A true study in pink, this scarf uses avocado dye to create the ethereal spirit of an ikat cloth.


Rachel used three avocado dyepots to create three different pinks: the central panel was dyed using only pits, the accent stripes on the outer edges of the scarf were dyed with both pits and skins, and the weft was dyed using only skins. Photos by Matt Graves unless otherwise noted

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