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Two-Yarn Slippers

With a durable yarn on the outside and a soft one on the inside, these slippers are cozy enough to wear all winter and strong enough to make it to spring.

Wayne Pfeffer Jul 15, 2022 - 6 min read

Two-Yarn Slippers Primary Image

These easy-to-knit slippers use two yarns spun from different wools: a strong wool for durability on the outside and a soft wool for comfort on the inside. Photo by Joe Coca

Wayne Pfeffer shared two clever footwear patterns in the Summer 2000 issue of Spin Off, one being these Two-Yarn Slippers. This pattern takes advantage of the characteristics of two different wool yarns to create a finished project that is durable and comfortable. Current magazine subscribers can log in to read more about Wayne's history with these slippers and get the full instructions to knit up a pair.

A few years ago my friend Becky showed me a pair of slippers that she’d bought for fifty cents at a garage sale and asked if I could knit a larger pair for her husband. That original pair was worked in two colors of acrylic yarn.

Immediately it occurred to me to use two kinds of wool yarn: a coarse wool tightly spun and plied for the outside of the slipper and a soft, fine wool or wool/angora blend for the inside. The coarse wool wears like iron, and the soft wool provides comfort and warmth.

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