Video Tip: Don't Put That Sandwich in Your Drumcarder!

Want to add sparkle, fabric, and other goodies to your drumcarded batt? Adding a layered pile of fiber may not be the best way. Emily Wohlscheid explains why.

Emily Wohlscheid Apr 15, 2020

For spinners who like their yarns as wild as possible, the right drumcarder can lightly blend a batt full of rich textures and even unexpected materials. But the popular "sandwich method" for adding these elements to a drumcarded batt has its drawbacks.

The owner of Bricolage Studios, Emily Wohlscheid has a small fleet of carders that she maintains in top condition. In her video workshop, Drumcarding Basics & Beyond, she shares her expert advice for not only carding the batts you want every time but also for maintaining your equipment. After all, a drumcarder is one of the biggest investments a spinner can make.

This course includes lessons on: Choosing a drumcarder based on your needs Understanding how to make the most of your drumcarder (and keep it in working order) How to create effective color blends Tips for creating custom fiber blends including heathers, tweeds, textured, and more

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