Amazing Guide to Spinning Flax: Linen Spun from Flax Fibers

Learn everything you need to know about spinning flax with this FREE expert guide that provides tips on using, harvesting, and preparing your flax fibers.

Spin Off Editorial Staff Sep 27, 2021 - 4 min read

Amazing Guide to Spinning Flax: Linen Spun from Flax Fibers Primary Image

Learn everything you need to know about spinning flax in this free ebook.

Have you experienced the joys of spinning linen? If it’s completely new to you, you may not know how linen is made. Many spinners, both beginner and experienced tend to shy away from the material. But with the help of our free tutorial on spinning flax, you’ll quickly learn that flax linen is no more difficult to spin than wool. The methods for turning flax stems into linen yarn have not changed in centuries. The qualities of this fiber make it invaluable still today. Explore the world of possibilities with this refreshing collection of articles and blogs.


What's Inside?

Growing Flax to Spin is Surprisingly Simple

Learn about growing flax to spin in this FREE eBook on spinning flax + free projects.

By Mary A. Chase New to spinning linen? Learn what is flax, how it’s planted, grown, harvested, and spun into such a strong and versatile fiber. Learn the steps needed to take it from the seed to the fiber and how it is spun.

An Introduction to Spinning Line Flax

Learn everything you need to know about spinning line flax including drafting, involving the use of a distaff, preparing the flax for spinning and more.

By Linda Henrich Line flax, composed of the longest and best flax fibers—is available in beautiful natural creams, tans, silvers, and grays, and in a variety of lively colors. It’s usually prepared in bundles called stricks. This article outlines the steps for drafting, involving the use of a distaff, to prepare the flax for spinning. Learn the different qualities of flax and special handling required to keep the fiber organized and free of tangles. Learn how to make a strong, smooth, even yarn by following the step by step finishing methods.

Spinning Flax Into Linen

Learn about spinning flax into linen in this FREE eBook.

By Jude Daurelle Jude fell in love with linen as a teenager when she ironed the family linens. Later, as a new spinner, she thought she would take to linen thread easier than she had taken to wool and silk. She expected to be a natural, but came to find out, she was not. After trying unsuccessfully many times to get everything right, she knew she had to simplify the process. Understand spinning linen, the easy way with this helpful, step by step guide.

You will learn about flax from seed to fiber. By using traditional hand methods, it's quite possible to plant, raise, harvest, and process small quantities of flax for spinning. The process is quite laborious, but you'll find the transformation is very exciting and the end product very beautiful. Grab your FREE eBook copy on spinning flax today!