Amy Clarke Moore

What Are Natural Fibers?

We gathered some fibers we had on hand for this introduction to natural fibers. The list is nowhere near exhaustive, but it provides examples of common plant and animal spinning fibers.

How to Use a McMorran Balance by Amy Clarke Moore

If you have a yarn balance (also known as a McMorran balance), then all you need is a strand of the yarn you’re measuring to determine the yards per pound.

Spinning Silk Guide for Knitting, Crochet or Embroidery Projects

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Spinning Wool: Free Guide on Spinning Rare Wool

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How to Choose & Use a Spinning Wheel

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Free Drop Spindle Spinning Guide

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Free Guide to Wool Combing and Carding

This free guide to wool combing and carding provides expert tips on using hand carders, wool combs and drum carders to prepare your fiber for spinning.

Ply Yarn eBook: From Plying on a Drop Spindle to a Wheel

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Scarf Knitting Patterns: Free Homespun Yarn Patterns to Knit

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Felting Fiber Free Guide: How to Prepare and Felt Fiber and Yarn

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