Emily Wohlscheid

For Better Blending, Accessorize!

Push the limits of what your drumcarder can do. Learn how a few accessories can alter the carding process and finished look of your batt.

Video Tip: Don't Put That Sandwich in Your Drumcarder!

Want to add sparkle, fabric, and other goodies to your drumcarded batt? Adding a layered pile of fiber may not be the best way. Emily Wohlscheid explains why.

Video Tip: Adding Silk on a Drumcarder

Long, shiny silk is a wonderful addition to a blended batt, but it can be terribly difficult to remove from the drum. Emily Wohlscheid shows you how.

Drumcarder & Diz: Creating a Marled Roving

Using a diz allowed me to visually assess how the accent colors would swirl with the base color before I even got to the spinning wheel.