Melvenea Hodges

A Practical Guide to Ginning Cotton by Hand

A handspinner who is passionate about spinning cotton shares two methods for ginning cotton by hand.

Cotton Bowing for Beginners

Melvenea’s pro tips for bowing your stash of handpicked, handginned cotton fiber.

Melvenea Makes: 3 Tips for Handcarding Cotton

Try Spin Off contributor Melvenea Hodges's invaluable tips for handcarding your own cotton.

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The Chameleon Shawl

This knitted shawl can be adjusted to suit different yarns and gauges, making it a perfect project to pair with your handspun cotton explorations. Log in to access this subscriber-exclusive shawl pattern made with handspun cotton.

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Clematis Lace

A small amount of finely spun cotton knits up into a classic lace doily. Learn why sizing the yarn before or after knitting can help combat wear and tear.

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