Susan Z. Douglas

Subscriber Exclusive

A Little Gift: Small Change Scarf

As 2023 comes to a close, our wish is that you give yourself permission to play and time to use your handspun! As a thank you to our subscribers—and a nudge to use some precious leftovers or spin some fresh color—we have released a bonus knitting pattern.

Subscriber Exclusive

On a Roll with Pseudorolags

Surprise! You don’t need a blending board in order to make colorful rolags! Learn to make “pseudorolags” with these helpful tips. Plus, a bonus project to make for subscribers to Spin Off!

The Curious Colorist: Small-Batch Dyeing for the Dabbler

See how one spinner explores color by building a stash of hand-dyed handspun using mini loaf pans and a roaster oven from the thrift store.

Never-Ending Blending: An Experimental Method of Sequencing Batts

With a drumcarder and some fiber, Susan experiments with the colorful possibilities of blends.