Keeping it Together: The Spin Off Tote-Along!

Grab your fiber and spinning tool of choice as we open the year with a new project.

Spin Off Editorial Staff Jan 27, 2022 - 3 min read

Keeping it Together: The Spin Off Tote-Along! Primary Image

A flock of woolly baskets beside the seashore. Photo by A. Sabine Schröder-Gravendyck

The beginning of the year has crept up on us again and several of our spinner friends have reminded us that it is time for a favorite event. What event is that, you wonder? Why, the spin-along of course! From your input and our desire to celebrate getting out and about—or hopes to do so soon—we would like to invite you to our 2022 spin-along. Our project of choice? Any and every kind of bag you can imagine.

Spin-along grid 2

Clockwise from top left: Hempen Lunch Bag by Devin Helmen, Golden Hour Bag by Kate Larson, Crocheted Peddler's Pack by Katrina King, and Karin's Swedish Circles by Pat Olski. Photos by Matt Graves and Joe Coca

All the Bags!

Whether going out or staying in, baskets, totes, and project bags of all kinds are always desirable. They are in our workspaces, next to our favorite chairs, and sometimes have more priority than a purse or other carryall when we are on the go. This year’s spin-along embraces the idea of keeping it all together in a simple or elaborate creation made using your handspun yarn.

Patterns for carryall items are numerous! Here are a few of our favorites:



Something short and sweet: Woolly Basket


Show off your Fair Isle skills: Golden Hour Bag

Knit a colorful bag with a sprinkling of embroidery: Karin's Swedish Circles



A practical bag for your next fiber fest: Crocheted Peddler's Pack

Delicate and dressy for that evening out: A Charity Purse to Crochet



Want to try something new? This group of bags from the Handwoven collection would be great options (shown left and center): Woven Bags ebook collection

Or weave a simple lunch sack from singles yarn: Hempen Lunch Bag

So many possibilities! We would love to see your work! Please share on any social platform using #spinoffmagazine. If you would like to join the conversation with other spinners about their spin-along projects, check out the Ravelry forum where you'll find the spin-along thread.


A lovely random rainbow of color for inspiration! Photo by Deborah Held

Get your supplies and tools ready to spin because our 2022 spin-along kicks off Tuesday, February 1st. If you would like to share photos of your completed projects with us, please have them finished by May 1st and send them over to us via our email address.

We can't wait to see what you create!