Top Achievements and Releases of the Year from Spin Off

Now is a great time to reflect on this year's accomplishments and that is exactly what we have been doing this week.

Spin Off Editorial Staff Dec 27, 2021 - 4 min read

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Cover image from Spin Off, Summer 2021. Photo by Matt Graves.

2021 was a big year, not only for our team here at Spin Off but for the community of spinners who have been with us every step of the way. We kept busy with new releases and enjoyed getting to connect with many of you, including in person at SOAR.

While there is no way to capture the depth of what this year held, there were several accomplishments worth celebrating. Here are the top highlights from 2021, plus links to our favorites (including the top 5 articles this year).

2021 Spin Off Year In Review - by the Numbers

Explore the New Issues of 2021:

Each new issue is a labor of love, and this year brought many talented contributors, inspiring new ideas and resources for learning to readers.

Top 5 New Articles of 2021:

We get to see what you like every time you visit the website. With all the visits tallied, here are the top new articles you all loved this year.

  1. Be Kind, Rewind: Bobbin Winder to the Rescue - Discover the benefits of adding a bobbin winder to your spinning practice.

  2. Solace Spinning: A Sweet Scrap Sweater - Fitting spinning into a busy life can feel like a challenge, but Kate focused on small goals.

  3. Emptying the Bucket: A Handspun Crochet Challenge - Down with the bucket list as Mary-Lyn Tebby conquers a self-made challenge.

  4. Head to Head: Two E-spinners - Electric Eel wheels offer an affordable way to get your hands on an e-spinner.

  5. Pin Loom to the Rescue! - One spinner's solution for using small amounts of precious handspun fiber.

Noteworthy New Videos

Beyond the pages of Spin Off magazine, we also had two new video releases this year, including the free video, The Charm of Wild and Cultivated Silk, and the new course, Spinning Wild & Unusual Silk.

If you are wondering about some of those other highlights, check out this blog for more about SOAR, the podcast, and other happenings from 2021.

As we wrap up this year, we want to also extend our deepest gratitude to each of you. We are proud to bring you every issue, article, video, and event, and thank you for your continued support year after year!

The Spin Off Team