Jeannine Glaves

I Found Love in a Pawn Shop: A Spinning Wheel Romance

Written up as a curiosity in the weekend paper, the little antique wheel seemed destined to become my first spinning wheel.

Help, My Spindle Wobbles!

Learn what to do when your top-whorl spindle wobbles.

Spinning the Unusual: Chinchilla, Cactus Cotton, and Spanish Moss

Handspinner Jeannine Glaves, never one to shy away from trying a new fiber, recounts her experience with three uncommon fibers.

Flash Your Stash: Spindles!

How do you store all of your spindles and tools? Jeannine Glaves found a system that allows her to keep all of her spindles and tools in one handy place.

A Wine-Cork Orifice Hook

I like to recycle or upcycle found items, including wine corks perhaps left from a special occasion with friends or family.

Vest of Voices: Inkle Woven Bands by Jeannine Glaves

Using miles of handspun yarn for warp, Jeannine wove inkle bands with some of her favorite sayings, then sewed a piece of wearable art.