Heavenly Bresser

Drive-Band Basics for Antique Wheels

Whether your wheel is vintage or new, the drive band eventually needs replacing. This week, Heavenly shares her tips for replacing bands on antique wheels.

Unspun & Upcycled: Yarn Deconstruction 101

Heavenly shares her budget-friendly method for keeping your pocketbook happy and your wheel and spindles spinning.

Waste Not! No Fiber Left Behind

Spinners accumulate a lot of fiber—not stash, but bits of surplus fiber from processing. Here are Heavenly’s tool-free tips for turning your leftovers into textured yarn.

Creative Solutions for Troublesome Antique Wheels

Heavenly Bresser offers her fixes for common problems when spinning on antique spinning wheels.

Become a Spinning-Wheel Detective: Tips for Buying Vintage Wheels

Sleuthing out the best vintage wheels can be challenging. Learn what one handspinner looks for in used and antique spinning wheels.

Spring Cleaning: Round Up Your Fiber Tools

For the handspinner, spring cleaning means rediscovering, or finding, all of your misplaced bobbins, spindles, and fiber tools, and it can help jumpstart the organization process, too.