Stephenie Gaustad

Weaving Handspun Yarn: Sizing Your Singles

Afraid of weaving handspun yarn as singles? Hog wash! Applying sizing to your singles before you warp will help you reduce abrasion problems, tame overtwist, and get weaving faster.

Color Transformation in Naturally Colored Cotton

How you treat your cotton can affect its color over time.

Productive Spindle Spinning: Yes, You Can!

A handspindle can be more efficient and faster than a wheel. For instance, in good hands, a takli can reach 10,000 RPM, which far outstrips a treadle wheel. And the takli isn’t the only “roadrunner”—there are lots of “speed demon spindles” available.

Tale of a Shirt A Spinner Mends

The tools used for mending are simple: sewing scissors, a darning needle, and a magnifying full-spectrum gooseneck lamp, essential for seeing the process. The shirt is priceless.

Seeing Green: Palo Verde and Sea Green Cotton Sliver

At first glance, these slivers from Sally Fox appear to be rather more yellow, almost a manila color. However, color in the sliver is deceptive.

A Sea Island Cotton Tale

Spinning Sea Island cotton is literally touching the past.

Straight Talk on Hemp: Legends and Truths About the Forbidden Fiber

February 4th is national Hemp Day, so we thought we'd share this article from 2015 by Stephenie Gaustad and the late Alden Amos in celebration of this bast fiber.

Alden Explains It All: What’s the Difference between Plied Yarn and Rope?

Alden’s endlessly curiosity about machinery and textiles was infectious! Here he describes the differences between plied yarn and rope.

Singles Yarn Appreciation Day

The day after chocolate-covered Valentine’s Day comes Singles Appreciation Day, when uncoupled people celebrate or commiserate their solo status. Most yarns are also in a relationship—that is, plied.

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