Allison Korleski

Comb a Rainbow of Colorful Wool

Astonished and captivated by all the colorful wool on the market? What if you could create those luscious hues yourself, all without the use of a dye pot?

Spinning Fleece & Waulking the Waulk with Norman Kennedy

I find Norman Kennedy’s video workshop From Wool to Waulking: Spinning Fiber & Creating Cloth so refreshing.

When it Comes to Dyeing Yarn, Mother (Nature) Knows Best

If you love hand-dyed yarn and fiber, you will love Dagmar Klos’ Natural Dyeing, now available in a streaming workshop format.

Pick a Fleece Without Getting Fleeced

Have you wanted to choose and spin your own fleece, but had no idea where to start? Join Judith at Estes Wool Market in Colorado and learn how to confidently select, wash, and prepare fleece for spinning.

Filming Flax

A trip to learn about how Tom Knisely grows and spins flax narrowly avoids catastrophe and ends with some amazing yarns (of all kinds).

Maggie Casey Wants to Change Your Mind about Drop Spindles

Like many of you, I started spinning on a drop spindle. And like many of you, I hated it. I gave my spindle to someone else, and that was the end of things.

Get the Look of Hand-Dyed Yarn—No Water Required!

If you’ve been to a fiber show (or just have a good fiber store nearby), you’ve probably been entranced by the colorful bundles of hand-dyed yarn on display.

How Do You Celebrate National Splurge Day?

There is a special holiday for everything these days: donuts, ketchup, even—I kid you not—punctuation. Today is National Splurge Day, which means, on the surface, that you should go out and treat yourself.

What Do You Serve With a Nice Alpaca Blend?

Sip-n-knit gatherings have become increasingly popular as we look for more ways to create community and connect with other knitters offline.