Deborah Held

Her Handspun Habit: End of Year Fiber Stash Care

One of the ways I make myself feel better about the utter chaos that exists in parts of my life is to take excellent care of my fiber stash and related spinning tools.

Her Handspun Habit: What’s Your Type? 5 Ways to Explore New Spinning Fiber

I’d been lying to myself about my spinning. A few weeks ago a recent spin with a new-to-me spinning fiber opened my eyes to the truth: I have a type.

Her Handspun Habit: Handspun Yarn For Shawl-Cowl Fusion

I love knitting shawls with my handspun yarn and decided to knit a shoulder cowl. These popular accessories are a shawl-cowl combination, or “scowl.”

Her Handspun Habit: 3 Tips for Better E-Spinner Handspun

More spinners than ever are going electric—what’s your take? Here are some e-spinning tips aimed at twist and takeup management.

Her Handspun Habit: Staying Accountable for My Fiber Stash

On more than one occasion, I have written in support of keeping a well-stocked fiber stash. I like to think of it as a pantry rich with enticing spinning ingredients.

Her Handspun Habit: Soothe Stress with Supported Spindle Spinning

These three factors made spinning with my top whorls (and spinning sheels) stress-free, bringing me a deeper sense of joy and groundedness.

Her Handspun Habit: 6 Tips for Making Better Yarn with Your Electric Spinner (Part I)

For some, it’s an attraction; for others, a curiosity; and for many like me, it’s a physical need that makes you bring an electric spinner home.

Her Handspun Habit: Fiber Stash, Meet Ravelry

As a believer in keeping a well-stocked fiber stash, I would be lost without a solid way to track exactly what I have on hand.

Her Handspun Habit: 3 Reasons to Reskein Your Handspun on a Niddy-Noddy.

With bated breath, we tie off our newly skeined handspun, carefully slide it off the niddy-noddy, and marvel at its beauty. After a little wash and time to dry, we consider our skein of handspun yarn completed. But is it really finished? That depends on w

Who’s Worth a Handspun Hand Knit Blanket?

Using handspun yarn in a pattern written for commercial yarn can sometimes go awry in a costly, time-consuming, if well-meaning way. Such was the case for my mom and me recently.