Linda Ligon

A Hero of the Spinning World

In this charming interview, Jim Bateman and Linda Ligon reminisce about Rick and Marge Reeves and Rick’s last walnut Saxony wheel.

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Meet Galina Khmeleva, an Inspired Spinner and Knitter

Meet Galina and watch as she spins exquisitely fine yarn for her Orenburg lace shawls. Then, knit your own with two bonus patterns.

Handcarding Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Few subjects in spinning are as contentious as handcarding. Explore three completely different ways that excellent spinners approach these tools.

Your Guide to Silk with Karen Selk

In her quest to understand all aspects of silk, Karen Selk has focused her life’s journey on both the lustrous fibers and the communities that produce it. This 5-part mini-series taps into her decades of experience and enduring love for all things silk.

Long Thread Podcast: Peggy Orenstein, Author of Unraveling

Season 6, Episode 5: Life lessons are where you find them. Peggy Orenstein found them in her quest to build a sweater from scratch.

Artist Spotlight: Lynda Teller Pete

This well-known fifth-generation Navajo weaver serves as an ambassador for her culture and traditions, carrying her family’s textile heritage forward.

What’s More Fun than Cooking at Thanksgiving?

Linda serves up a treat for your holiday weekend.

The Plying-Themed Issue that Opened My Eyes

Creative approaches to the simple act of plying boggled my mind. And I’ve been spinning a long, long time.

Spinimation: The Maggie and Eunny Show

A great DVD set to add to your collection

Spinning Daisies: Chinese Fireweed

Linda Ligon solves a 10-year-old mystery.