Linda Ligon

Singles Warp? Yes, You Can!

Linda Ligon addresses some old wives’ tales that have been making the rounds since she started spinning and weaving.

The Louet s10 Spinning Wheel Is 45 Years Young

After decades inventing and innovating spinning and weaving equipment, Jan Louët says that his favorite is the one he hasn't released yet.

We Can't Weave Well Enough Alone

Linda Ligon wrote this poem and read it during the Schacht Spindle Company's 50th anniversary celebration in September 2019. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Spin Off, Handwoven & PieceWork Come Home

Since beginning her independent craft publishing project in 1975, Linda Ligon saw the weaving, spinning, and needlework magazines move to bigger and bigger offices. But there’s no place like home.

So Fine: Linda Ligon on Spinning Fine Wool

Over the years, Spin Off has been fortunate to have some of the very best teachers in the world share their knowledge and experience in dealing with these itsy bits of fluff.

Handcarding Then and Now

If you gave ten handspinners each a brand-new set of handcards, how many different ways would you see them used?

Stick It in Your Ear: Your Body as Spinning Tool

Linda Ligon's surprising take on spinning tools: You may already have what you need, and it's closer than you think.

Weaving Tricks of the Trade: One Weaver's Approach to Spinning

But I’ve gotten a lot of pleasure from making yarn this way. However you think about spinning and weaving, here is this weaver's approach to spinning: