Spinning the New Fibers: Adventures in Soy, Bamboo, Banana, Steel, and More

What are you spinning right now? We'll bet it's not bananas!

Shining Colors: Natural dyes on silk hankies and caps

A look at creating a rainbow of silk using natural dyes

Two Threads Are Better Than One, Part 1

Discover the delight in plying together two or more different singles to create a yarn that's more than the sum of its parts!

Technically Speaking: Twists Per Inch

If we ever want to re-create our yarns or describe them to others, it’s important that we can record a yarn’s twist properties in a meaningful way.

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The Study in Pink Scarf

Make your own avocado-dyed, ikat-style scarf—no complex treadling or weaving patterns required. Based on traditional ikat resist-dyeing techniques, a modern, geometric design gets revealed in this soft and striking scarf.

Spin Off Call for Submissions Winter 2022: Blends—Opposites Attract 

In the Winter 2022 issue, help us explore spectacular combinations: fiber blends, technique mixes, tool duos, and more!

For the Love of Stash! Tips for Managing Your Fiber Collection

Sabine loves her stash! And it provides her with endless inspiration. Here, she shares her tips for storing your fiber stash.

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Luxury Laces

In the Winter 2020 issue of Spin Off, John Mullarkey shared the his handspun, handwoven laces with our readers. Luxurious, indeed!

Video Tip: Adding Silk on a Drumcarder

Long, shiny silk is a wonderful addition to a blended batt, but it can be terribly difficult to remove from the drum. Emily Wohlscheid shows you how.