Stefanie Johnson

A Colorful Spring: Spinning for Colorwork

Spinners are stretching the boundaries of colorwork this spring in Spin Off's annual spin-along.

Color Your World!

I was very excited to learn that the theme of this year’s spin-along is colorwork. Take a look at my collection of handknits and you’ll see that colorwork is so obviously my true fiber love!

Spring’s Approach has Spinners Dreaming of Lace

Trying a new fiber or technique for this year’s spin-along? See what Stefanie has on her bobbins!

A New Spin-Along: From Delicate to Bold, Hand-Worked Lace is for Everyone

Join us for this year’s spin-along! Challenge yourself to create lace you love—fragile and fine, bold and bulky, or anything in between.

Knitting New Life into Vintage Patterns

Spring’s baby Angora bunnies inspire winter’s warm angora slippers.

Nature’s Nylon: Natural Alternatives for Stronger Socks

Is it possible to make a durable fiber blend without nylon?

This Spin-Along is Totes Inspiring

Variety is the Spice of a Spinner’s Life.

Spinning for Winter Cheer: A New Spin-Along

Looking for a winter pick-me-up and doable project that connects with other spinners? We have been, too.

Uncoiling the Spiral of Gimp Yarns

Stefanie Johnson shares how plying two different diameters of singles affects the outcome.

Subscriber Exclusive

Project: Rainbow Fish Infinity Scarf

Inspired by a popular children’s book, Stefanie set out to create her own shimmering, colorful cowl using one of her favorite spinning tools—a recently acquired drumcarder.

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