Warm Browns from Black Walnuts

An easy, mordant-free way to begin natural dyeing.

A New Twist on Tapestry

Connie explores spinning for a crocheted tapestry that gives it the look of a woven textile.

Spin Off Call for Submissions Fall 2022: Reinventing the Wheel

Next fall, we will be celebrating spinning wheels new and old, big and small, folding castles and super slanties. Share your article and project proposals with Spin Off!

Melvenea Makes: 3 Tips for Handcarding Cotton

Try Spin Off contributor Melvenea Hodges's invaluable tips for handcarding your own cotton.


Spinning Bridges Generation Gaps

Sometimes all it takes is looking at an old piece of equipment in a new way.

Spinning the New Fibers: Adventures in Soy, Bamboo, Banana, Steel, and More

What are you spinning right now? We'll bet it's not bananas!

Shining Colors: Natural dyes on silk hankies and caps

A look at creating a rainbow of silk using natural dyes

The Four Easiest Ways to Spin Gradient Yarn

A look at letting the fiber do the work in gradient yarn spinning.

Twist & Pleat High-Twist Singles for Easy Woven Texture

See how using high-twist yarns can create dramatic effects in handwoven fabrics.

A Short Spin on Natural Dyeing

A view of healing through craft.

Spinning Paper Thread in Ghana

A look at turning an invasive plant into a viable resource.

BY: Mary Hark

Long Thread Podcast: Deborah Robson

Season 3, Episode 6: With a passion for rare-breed wool and its unsung qualities, Deborah Robson is a walking, spinning encyclopedia of delightful fiber knowledge.

How to Deconstruct a Braid

Take control of your fiber’s colors! Deconstructing braids gives handspinners the option to make certain colors more dominant, change the order of the hues, make new shades, or even tone down certain colors.

My Favorite Spinning Tool: The Computer

Fiber artist Alanna Wilcox shares tips for organization.