Elizabeth Prose

Associate Editor of Spin Off and PieceWork magazines.

Making the Grade: The University of Wyoming’s Wool-Judging Team

When attending a fiber festival fleece-judging event, do you ever wonder what qualities wool judges look for in a fleece? We wanted to know, too! We asked the coach of a wool-judging team how fleeces are graded.

4 Things You Know If You Live with a Handspinner

We thought we’d give a shout-out to the brave and supportive souls who live with a handspinner.

Spin Off Spring 2019: What Will You Make with Your Handspun Yarn This Spring?

Whether you knit, crochet, or weave, all these crafts have one thing in common: they require yarn. Better yet, make your project with handspun yarn!

Shepherd to Spinner: My Local Wool

Facilitating the connection between shepherds and spinners was the inspiration behind My Local Wool, a website that helps fiber farms sell their wool directly to fiber artists and helps makers find resources for local fiber.

Rite of Spring: Sheep Shearing Day

It’s sheep shearing time! The Museum of Appalachia, in Clinton, Tennessee, celebrates this magical rite of spring every year with Sheep Shearing Day.

Challenge Accepted! Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em

In an effort to save rare and endangered sheep, The Livestock Conservancy started Shave ’Em to Save ’Em.

For Spring Lambing, Vet Students Make House Calls

Colorado State University’s “lambulance” is here to help.

Your Yarns: Spinzilla Yarns

One of the spinning world’s ultimate endurance tests is Spinzilla, where spinners challenge themselves to spin as many yards (or meters) as they can in seven days.

Crew Cut: Alpaca Shearing

Pete Hofmann’s alpaca shearing business, Top Knot Shearing, might be based in Fort Collins, Colorado, but his work takes him and his crew to alpaca farms near and far.

Join Us for the Spin Off Hapalong!

Head on over to the Spin Off Hapalong thread on Ravelry, and you’ll be met with a lively exchange between handspinners of all skill levels who are united in a common goal: to spin and knit a hap.